Growing up, my dad would repeat his house rule almost every week: When you get married, marry a Sikh.

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Ever thought of having so much fun in your life that you forget what it's like to be sad and forlorn? Yes, that's exactly how you feel when you date a 'Punjabi' girl. Big heart with a bigger appetite, Punjabi girls are fun to date, even when you're not in a space to date anyone. She'll uplift your spirits and make you feel warm and full of love. What else do you really need in life, eh? Punjabi's love their food.

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The sub-continent - where most of us Sikhs trace our origins - and the Western world, have differing views on finding this very love. In the West, the popular mode is the process of courtship, or dating. This is when couples form intimate relationships with each other that may or may not blossom into a marriage.


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10 reasons why dating a punjabi girl is the best thing a guy can ever do

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Log in. Thread starter phil Start date Jan 7, Replies 19 Re 24K Tags british girlfriend guy non sikh parent relationship or marriage sikh sikh girl white guy white white boyfriend.

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Jan 7, 7 4 Okay so first of all i want to say i hope i don't offend anyone with this post, that's not why i'm here. My story: Im a 20 year old white british guy, my girlfriend is a 17 year old dating a sikh girl. We have been going out for over a year now and her familiy do not know i exist, I am madly in love with her and her with me. Im willing to spend the rest of my life with this girl. We both agree we are perfect for each other. The only problem is, she's worried of what her family will do if she tells them. My family love her, they have offered for her to live with us if anything really bad does happen.

Her family have found her a match and she should be getting engaged in the next few month.

What it's like to be the first woman in my family to choose an interracial marriage

She is going to go along with it because she is so worried that her parents will hate her. So, My question to you is: I know there is no easy way for her to tell her family. Please, I am willing to marry this girl and spend the rest of my life with her, could somebody tell me the best way she could inform her parents so that they understand she is happy with me and so they may accept her being happy with someone who isnt sikh.

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This is killing me inside and I will be absolutely devostated to the point of going numb if I can't be with her. So please, somebody help me :' Thankyou in advance Phil.

Harry Haller Panga Master. Jan 31, 5, 8, It depends on a lot, first some questions, 1.

Help! im a white british guy with a sikh girlfriend

Is her family deeply religious 2. Is her family prominent in the community 3. Are any other members of the family dating or married to non sikhs 4. The fact that She would go along with an engagement for fear of parents implies you may be more serious than her, is this the case 5.

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Would you be willing to consider Dating a sikh girl and embrace it, not to marry, but as a way of life regardless 6 Do you have good prospects career wise I sympathise with your predicament, but the two of you could cause some quite serious problem for each other and her family. If the two of you are in love and are willing to fight for that, its possible it could have a happy ending, but relationships are hard at the best of times without this sort of pressure, if you could give an indication to the above, we could move on to a realistic and pragmatic solution good luck.

Jun 25, 17 Hi Phil, I am a gora married to a punjabi girl, and I am going to give you some advice based on my experience.

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It may seem harsh, but its good advice. I try to give it when I hear guys like you, because I remember the feeling. Be a man. Tell her either you are introduced to her family or the relationship is over. In any case this creeping around behind the family's back is not going to earn you respect. If her dad says no, you need to respect his right over her and end it. Strongly consider ending it.

It worked for me, but it was a long hard road and you still have to deal with BS. Also, think of the children How will they culturally identify? Mixed kids can have a hard life, this is something that I worry about constantly with my daughter. You will never be fully accepted into the punjabi community. You just wont. Make sure you are ok with this. Some people will always resent you for it. At the end of the day you should focus on yourself and your career. I am about a year away from being a doctor, and I can tell you that indians are absolutely obsessed with doctors.

My daughter is marrying a gora sounds bad to parents, my daughter is marrying a gora doctor sounds much much better. Dating a sikh girl all about respect and how the family is percieved in the community. Their are very few resources for learning Punjabi the language is even dating a sikh girl in punjab so it can be difficult to talk to her family.

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Now the good stuff. Once you are accepted by the family, they are amazing. Extremely loyal, protective of you, and always can be relied on.

Family is very important to punjabis, and once you are in it is a beautiful thing. I had a very hard time earning the respect of my father in law, but now that I have it I love the man like my own father and he treats me like a son.

Hard earned, hard lost.

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Indian weddings are dating a sikh girl as hell. This is the biggest point. Even if you leave this girl, I strongly suggest you learn about the sikh religion. It has perhaps been the greatest gift that I have received from my wife. Dating a sikh girl think it is the greatest gift punjabis have to bring to the world. I am not saying you need to take amrit and get up at am i dont but the more you learn from the Gurus the more you will love them and the more they will help you lead a good satisfying life.

You just have to sift through the BS I hope that helped! Harry, as for your first 2 questions, I really don't know. The only thing i know about them is that she believes they will hate her if they found out we were dating. She's never really discussed family with me. I know there were some complications with her sister dating a non sikh in the past but they were 'put straight' and she is now married to a sikh. I do think there is a possibility of me being more serious than her but to embrace sikhism as a way of life, I do not think would be possible as I am in no way religious myself.

I know where I want to be career wise. WWW thanks for the advise, helped me realise a few things. Thanks guys. Dec 21, 3, 5, WWW said:. Driops SPNer. Jan 6, 16 If you both are in such a big love, you would have discussed each topic.

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Do you really know her? Anyways, is she religious? A Sikh is someone who has chosen the way of life as a Sikh by hisself. And I think it will be harder, cause this Macho- "Jatt Syndrom". What keeps you thinking that you will stay by her your lifelong. Whats stopping you to start loving another Person? And how do you want your kids grow up?

Parents have a big influence on their. Why it is so difficult for you to embrace Sikhi? Good luck. Okay so now basically she has told her father whiles talking about her arranged marriage. Shes told me he was really upset but gave her a choice to come live with me but if anything goes wrong she cant go back to them, or go forward with the arranged marriage. Would her family really neglect her forever for doing this? Alwo her dad said he wants me to go round and talk, how should I dating a sikh girl to this? Thanks in advance Phil.

Please can somebody help me.

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